Suzy’s Lockdown Activities and Challenges

These activities and challenges were created during Lockdown, but they can be used anytime!  The idea is to have fun and be as creative as you can be, with the materials you have at hand.

Kids Just Like You

Thankyou for sharing images of you and your creative items that were inspired by the challenge tasks and activities.  Get your folks to send me your pictures via Facebook or send me an email 

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Little Box Challenge

Collect all the empty boxes, and clean plastic containers from your recycling and dig out the sticky tape, glue, scissors and paint.  There are 7 cardboard box crafts to keep little hands busy creating items that will provide hours of imaginative play inspiration!

♥  Create a mask
♥  Create a car or truck
♥  Create a crab or another sea creature
♥  Create a parachute
♥  Create a boat
♥  Create a box plane or car that you can sit in
♥  Create a box bed for your toys

Where will you go in your vehicle/boat or plane?    What toy will fit in the bed?   When you have your mask on what are you and what adventure are you going on? What adventure will you have in the “water” with the sea creature?    What other things can you create?

Big Box Challenge

A challenge a day for hands that can handle a pair of scissors with ease and can shape cardboard into… whatever their imagination desires. All that’s needed is scissors, glue, boxes and recyclable bits and bobs (paper, string, wool, bottle tops, buttons – anything and everything)

♦  Create a monster
♦  Create a monster house or a fairy house
♦  Create a maze/marble run inside the box
♦  Create a town or city with multiple boxes
♦  Create a stove and oven (and food to cook)
♦  Create a refrigerator (with food to go inside)
♦  Create a diorama (a scene with layers of cutout paper or card)

Brick Challenge

A building challenge a day, for two weeks! On your marks, get set, build!

Build something that floats
Build the hardest maze
Build the tallest tower
Build your dream house
Build an alien
Build a farm
Build a magic castle
∗ Build a space ship
∗ Build a treehut
∗ Build a pizza shop
∗ Build a sea monster and it’s friends
Build a roller coaster
∗ Build something from a movie
Create a movie using stop frame animation with your creations

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