I think most of you who know me, know I have always had a love for hearts. I use their image in my SM posts and sign off most notes with a (red heart, blue heart, green heart, purple heart)

I wear them as items of jewelry. You will even find them around our house; in pictures, as ornaments and as crafts. I’m sure I don’t have to say why, but I will… they just make me feel good.

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So many of my wonderful friends are artists. While I was in Nelson, recently, I had friends create two hearts for me. Initially the hearts were intended just for me to wear. But I love the designs and I love that I was a part of the creation – they make my heart sing – and I love the thought of aroha/love being shared, so… I thought I’d share these hearts with you and hopefully they make you feel good as they do me.

I’m not sure how many of these hearts my friends will be able to create, so these may be a limited run. We shall see.

Whatever happens know that they are “Uniquely Heartfelt” and that I hope you “love” them as much as I do.