The saying that there are only a few degrees of separation between us all is definitely true for Isaac and me. Isaac, is my BFF’s brother in law and I’ve known him for nearly xx years!

When Isaac turned his talented hands to creating copper art I was delighted, and I watched closely as his creations grew more intricate.

I recently showed Isaac the hearts I was creating with Martin, as I saw some wonderful opportunities within the work Isaac was doing, especially with the patina he creates on the copper.

Isaac created the Sea Mist earrings, first and I love them! I snaffled the sample up for myself, and my daughter laid claim to the Chilli on Copper as soon as she saw them. Two different processes, resulting in two very different outcomes – both of them stunning.

Product Description: Sea Mist on Copper Earrings.

The process by which these earrings are made mean each one and each set is uniquely different. The way in which the Sea Mist formed onto the earring creates a wide range of beautiful blues and greens and no two patterns are the same.

Sizes and colours will vary slightly, from pair to pair, but you can be assured the same passion is put into each one as it’s created and should you decide you want a pair, it will be sent with much joy and aroha, from me.

Approximate Size.
Wide: 30mm – 35mm | Height: 30mm – 35mm | Thickness: 1mm

Product Description: Chilli on Copper Earrings.

I love the way the colour Isaac has created works beautifully with the copper of the earring. From the heart shape to the heart colour; each is hand crafted by Isaac, so again, no two sets of earrings will be the same. However, what you see in the image is a good representation of the colour, form and design you’ll receive, should you choose a pair of these earrings.

Each set will be unique, some are softer and rounder, some bolder and more angular; but you can rest assured each has been made from the heart. We hope you wear them with the heartfelt love they were intended.

Approximate Size.
Wide: 30mm – 35mm | Height: 30mm – 35mm | Thickness: 1mm