Kia ora! Talofa!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

Do you know that you are a walking thermometer? You are! A thermometer reacts to temperature. When it’s warm the mercury expands and when it’s cold the mercury shrinks. You react by taking your jacket off or adding hat and gloves :o)

Investigate more with the help of the Suzy’s World playlist and factsheets!

Have an awesome week and come back for more soon.

Arohanui – much love

Have an awesome week
Arohanui – much love
Suzy xox

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LOOK what I found…

A snap from the “You & Me” house!    Remember this book corner and all the toys?
Oh, I loved this house – it was a second home to me and all the kiwi kids (big and small) who joined me every day.

“Are you nice and comfy, ready for a story? Well, lets begin…” :o)  I started a story reading, with this very phrase on a recent Facebook Live stream.

Winter 2001
Another blast from the past! This time a white, wintery one :o)  I was the host of many Family Fundays over a number of wonderful winters at the Cardrona Alpine Resort, Wanaka.
So much fun with so many wonderful kiwi families; songs, stories, snow sculpting and painting and lots of skiing.