Free Stuff

This Week: We have the a copy of the book The Greatest Teddy Bear Hunt, for the gorgeous Teddy Bear Song by Chris Sanders and Natalie Conaty.

We also have a gorgeous cuddly Teddy Bear to give away with the book!  Chris created this song with the help of members of the APO as a special tribute to the bears we saw on the Teddy Bear hunts we did earlier in the year.

This Week:  We have another 1500 brick Lego Pack to give away!   It could be your share of the 10,000 Lego brick mountain we have.

    To go into the draw to win this gorgeous book and Teddy Bear all you need to do is tell us who helped Chris make this song?

    Was it the
    - Auckland Harbour Bridge?
    - Auckland Maritime Museum?
    - Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra?

    Let us know, to go into the draw to win!

    (make sure you include your name, age, address, email address)

    Each person should only enter once, to make it fair 🙂 .
    Entries are only valid from with New Zealand. If you’re the lucky winner you’ll hear from us soon. Winners names are published on the competition page. Make sure you include your contact details so we can get in touch, if you win. Have a wonderful day, Suzy xox