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You guys know your jokes, don’t you!  We had lots of entries in last week’s competition and we have another joke for you to finish this week!   Check out FREE STUFF, below.

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Free Stuff

Last Weeks Winner: Congratulations, Abby Spooner  who won last week’s Winter Warmer Mystery Prize Pack

This Week: We have a Winter Warmer Mystery Prize Pack.  It includes:

  • A family DVD
  • A book
  • A game
  • Popcorn

And is perfect for those winter afternoons, spent indoors.

To Win: All you have to do to go into the draw for this week’s Winter Warmer Mystery Prize Pack is tell us the punch line to this week’s Winter joke.

What does a cloud wear under his raincoat?

Fill in the form with your answer and all your contact details to go into the draw.

Good Luck!!!

Radio Star

You could be our next Radio Star! We’re looking for a brand new Radio Star and that star just might be you!

Click on the Radio Star button, fill in the form and tell us about yourself

Meet almost 9 year old Katie Brunn, from Palmerston North.  Katie is our latest and greatest Radio Star and you would think she’d been a radio host for years, but this is the second time she’s stepped into this radio station (the first was on a Playcentre visit when she was 4 🙂 )

We learnt a little bit about Katie and her wonderful family.  We also learnt about her pets (all 18+ of them!)  One thing the Brunn family knows about is love.  Love for each other and love for all those pets!

As a co-host you get to announce the songs and stories, shout out to your friends and read the birthday calls.  Katie did an awesome job and was very comfortable behind the mic.

Katie also shared a joke, sang a song (!) and told us about her experience as a Weetbix Triathlon runner.  It was her first time entering and she loved it.