Kia ora, Talofa, Konichiwa, Nihau, Hola, Gidday!

How are your holidays going?  I so hope you’re having a wonderful time. Did you guess where Trevor and I are camping with our families?  Lets play a sound guessing game again soon!

This weekend’s video is a Suzy’s World episode. It’s a great clue to where I was camping and something you might like to see before you head out for a sandy adventure. (goes live 3.30pm Saturday 23rd Jan)

Our joke page is looking pretty busy. Thanks for all your jokes. If you want to send in another use the message box on the Jokes Page.

And check out our latest prize. It could have your name on it, if you’re our winner!

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Tune in next week for more Suzy & Friends Fun!


Free Stuff

This Week: We have a Suzy & Friends Back to School Pack with a Lunchbox, water bottle and pencil case…. All with your name on it… if you win!

To Win:  To go into the draw to win our Back to School Pack, all you have to do is tell us your favourite thing to do at school.  It can be anything, as long as it’s  your favourite thing to do at school.

Previous Winners: Congratulations Ash, who won a Catch Me Kit with a Bait Catcher, a Bug Catcher and a copy of the book Animals of Aotearoa.

Radio Star

You could be our next Radio Star!

We’re on a hunt for our next Radio Star! Check the calendar for Saturday the 21st of November, and if you’re in Southland and would like to help Suzy and Trevor co-host the show at Radio Southland, enter now!

Fill in the registration form and tell us a wee bit about yourself – Your favourite things to do, eat, watch, read. Your favourite sport, game, hobby and place to go. Tell us about your many talents – do you play an instrument, sing a song, speak more than one language, play the recorder with your nose? And tell us why you want to be a Radio Star.
Make sure you include your contact details so we can get in touch if you’re chosen to be our RADIO STAR!

If you’re keen to join us on the radio register here!

Our Latest Radio Star

Abrieanna turned 9 the weekend she became a Radio Star!

She did an AMAZING job of co-hosting the show; she was relaxed and so comfortable chatting away and announcing the songs and sharing her jokes.  You would have thought she’d been on radio many times before, but this was her very first time and she rose to all the challenges we put to her.  We are so very proud of her.

Abrieanna told us a wee bit about herself; her favourite things to do, her hobbies and about her favourite book.  And she told us about the special bond she has with the family pony! Lucky pony having someone as loving as Abrieanna to look after her.

We look forward to watching Abrieanna’s star rise – she was a wonderful Radio Star.

Our Previous Radio Star

Arie Hinton is only 5 but he is big on personality, big on talent and big on communication! Arie was a fantastic Radio Star co-host at Planet FM. It was his first time in a radio station, but as you can see, he took it all in  his stride and loved being “on mic”  and chatting away.

Arie knows LOTS of jokes, he had LOTS of stories to share and lots of skills to show us.

We were super impressed by his harmonica playing!  He got given the harmonica for Christmas and is teaching himself how to play it.

Our Previous Radio Star

Wow! What a star Hermione is! She’s only 9 but has just finished filming a feature film, is all set to dance with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, in November; and she’s a pretty cool kid as well.

Hermione enjoys several different dance styles so she’s kept busy at classes, almost every afternoon and between her and her younger sister they have collected hundreds of dance cups, trophies and ribbons over the last few years.

The film Hermione stars in is not really for kids, but it will appear in the NZ Film Festival, in the middle of next year, so maybe your folks might like to go and check it out.

Hermione has a favourite book series – what do you think it might be? Although Hermione loves home the best, she’s well travelled and loves experiencing new things.

We can’t wait to hear what you do next, Hermione!

Our Previous Radio Star

Dylan Dempsey is 8 and he is awesome. He lives in Christchurch, with his family, and if you didn’t guess it from listening to the show, Dylan loves skateboarding!
In fact he loves anything boardy, like snowboarding and wakeboarding.

He’s a wonderful big brother, looking out for his younger brother and sister. He has lots of cool friends and he’s just starting to learn the guitar.

Dylan said that he’s going to be a professional skateboarder when he grows up, so I’m looking forward to interviewing him again, then!