Colour Me In

Suzy & friends Colour In

Let me introduce my special group of story book friends.

We love to go on exciting adventures with fun activities. Join us and make us look awesome using your favourite colours.

If you want to send me your finished artwork you can email it to me – I’d love to see it!

 Just click on an image and print!

Painting with Suzy & Friends

Get Crafty and do a little colouring or painting with Suzy, Fuzzy, Tai, Catopillar and Matty. Just hit Print to get crafty yourself!

Picnic time with Suzy & Friends

Suzy, Fuzzy, Catopillar and Rabbit were feeling a bit hungry and thought it would be a good time for a picnic. You can print out these pictures and use your pencils and paints to create some wonderful works of art.

Time for some gardening

Suzy & Mrs Ruru love to get into the Garden. Tai, Bear and Rabbit look like they are more interested in having fun. Get out you favourite colouring pencils and pens and bring the magic of colour to these pictures.

Suzy’s dress up box

Suzy and her friends love to dress up. Sometimes things can get confusing. Who is really who? Hmmm see if you can work it out.