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Kia ora e hoa!

Has the summer fun and Christmas celebrations started at your whare/house yet?
They’ve started at my house with a Brain Teaser Countdown, which is a bit like an Advent Calendar, only my kids have to guess the clues to find the treat – a bit like a Treasure Hunt! It’s become a bit of a family tradition. What about your whanau? What things do you do together each Christmas that are really special to you? Let me know I love to hear from you.

The Christmas songs have started playing on the Suzy & Friends Kids Radio Show. Do you have favourite you’d like to hear? Let us know!

Or a Christmas shoutout you’d like to share? Hmmmm I wonder what you should do? Maybe…. Let us know!

Kia pai to ra – have a good day

Arohanui, Suzy  xox

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I do love reading books by our wonderful authors and illustrators in NZ. Get comfortable click the the link and choose from more than 70 stories

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I have a bunch of feel good songs that you can join in and sing along with. Hopefully they sprinkle a little sunshine in your day

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Time to have some fun while exercising? Or maybe choose something less physical, Elastic to Knuckle Bones and more

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Listen and watch yours truly read stories from awesome NZ authors and illustrators.
Go nostalgic and watch, “You & Me”…  good times, great memories.
Get smarter every day with Suzy’s World, too!  Do you know “why the sky is blue?” Lets find out together!
Colour-in some of my story book characters.
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Christmas In Summer

suzy’s story books

Christmas in summer, its always a stunner. The children they laugh and they play! 

Ooo it takes me back to my childhood and it celebrates yours. I’m so excited to share this wonderful book, with gorgeous illustrations by Carla Martell. 

Grab a copy and then sing along with me and the beautiful Jenny and Lucy of Itty Bitty Beats via Spotify, iTunes or YouTube.