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♫ We’re all gonna have some fun! You and me and everyone! ♫

What do you have planned this weekend? Are you… going on a bike ride? A trip a local playground? Or maybe you’ve got sports or dance or a music class… or you’re going to snuggle down with a good book?

Whatever you’ve got planned, I’m glad you visited me here!

Maybe visit the Joke Page while you’re here. And Cato’s Kitchen I haven’t added any new recipes for ages! If you have one you think I should try, let me know!

Or, if you’re in Auckland, join me and Kath Bee and Judi Cranston for SOUNDS FUN on Sunday morning. There’s be lots of cool sounds and lots of fun!  ❤ 😃 ❤

Arohanui, Suzy  xox

Play, Watch, Draw ‘n’ More

Are you looking to find entertaining videos that encourage, play, activities, crafts, reading and more? Click any of the images below which will take you through to my YouTube channel. Check out the various playlists there is a little bit of something for everyone 🙂

Suzy’s Book Corner

I do love reading books by our wonderful authors and illustrators in NZ. Get comfortable click the the link and choose from more than 70 stories

Songs & Music

I have a bunch of feel good songs that you can join in and sing along with. Hopefully they sprinkle a little sunshine in your day

Game On

Time to have some fun while exercising? Or maybe choose something less physical, Elastic to Knuckle Bones and more

Fun Stuff

Listen and watch yours truly read story books from awesome NZ authors.
Go nostalgic and watch, “You & Me”…  good times, great memories.
Get smarter every day with Suzy’s World, do you know “why the sky is blue?”
Colour in some of my story book characters, email them in.
Click on the YouTube play button to view playlists I’ve created for you.


Suzy's Play Dough Recipe


Cato's Kitchen


You & Me


Colour In


Suzy's World


Book Corner

Suzy’s Store

The Original Series

suzy’s story books

Join Suzy and her story book friends as they go into the world of imaginative play all in the comfort of her childhood bedroom.

Suzy the Farmer investigates what is up with the farm animals. Can you find out why Mrs Ruru’s car is causing problems on the road in Suzy the Police Officer. Catopillar get really excited about searching for treasure in Suzy the Scuba Diver and adventures continue in Suzy the Doctor. Tai the Tuatara has a temperature, Errol the Elephant has fallen of his bike, its going to be a busy day for Suzy.

Limited books are available in Suzy’s Store, and you can also watch Suzy read the stories on her YouTube Channel.