Hooray! It’s the Holiday!

What have you got planned?  Are you going away or on a great “staycation”? Whatever you do have lots of fun doing it.

I performed at Te Papa with Chris Lam Sam during the first week of the holidays and met loads of wonderful tamariki, just like you!  Chris felt sad when he couldn’t find Kahu the Kea.

To help him feel better we sang him Sprinkle a Little Sunshine. There are lots of little things we can do to help ourselves feel better when we’re feeling down.  Maybe this song can help you, too!

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Have a wonderful holiday!

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Suzy xoxo

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Kia ora e hoa! Hello my friend!

I hope you’re warm and wonderful and ready for some fun!

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Big hugs, keep smiling and remember to be kind, patient and calm with everyone, including yourself.

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