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What is Space?
Why does the ocean come in and go out?
Why is the sky blue?
What is electricity?

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1BacteriaWhat happens when you don’t brush your teeth?
2DigestionWhat happens when you eat baked beans?
3FrictionWhat would you use to make a really fast slide?
4HabitatsWhere does a worm like to live?
5CatsWhat makes a cat a cat and not another animal?
6ElephantsWhy aren’t elephants purple?
7SpaceHow big is space?
8MountainsHow are mountains made?
9DissolvingWhat’s the best way to dissolve drinking chocolate?
10PopcornWhat makes popcorn pop?
11Body NoisesWhy does my body make rude noises?
12GravityWhy do astronauts bounce on the moon?
13ShoesWhat is the best kind of shoe to wear at the beach?
14TidesWhat makes the tide go in and out?
15NightWhat makes night and day?
16RainWhy does it rain?
17BalanceHow do you make things balance?
18GalileoWhich one would hit the ground first?
19FizzWhat makes things fizz?
20EarthWhat is the earth made of?
21FeedingHow do you attract a shark’s attention?
22TeethHow many teeth does a shark have?
23SpidersWhere do you find the worlds biggest spiders?
24SoundWhat is sound?
25BouldersWhat are these boulders made of?
26TracksHow can you tell who has been at the beach today?
27SoapWhat makes soap work?
28CheeseHow do you change milk into cheese and butter?
29SteamHow does steam power things?
30AerodynamicsWhat makes things fly?
31SkeletonWhat is a skeleton?
32EarthquakeWhat makes an earthquake?
33EyeHow does the eye work?
34Rock PoolsWhat lives in a rock pool?
35EnergyWhy does exercise make me tired?
36SneezeWhat makes me sneeze?
37Cold OneWhat happens when I get a cold?
38ToasterHow does a toaster work?
39MagnetismWhat makes a compass point North?
40CakeWhat does it take to make the perfect cake?
41TasteWhy does chocolate taste sweet and lemons taste sour?
42TimeWhat is time?
43ColourWhat is colour?
44EvolutionHow long has there been life on earth?
45BridgesHow do you build a strong bridge?
46StaticWhy does your hair go tingly when you comb it?
47CabbageWhat makes purple cabbage juice turn red?
48RefrigeratorWhy do we keep food in the refrigerator?
49CapillaryWhat is the best material to clean up spilt spaghetti?
50PlantsHow do plants grow?
51MapsWhat are maps?
52PetsHow do you take care of a dog?
53SpringsHow do springs and rubber bands work?
54BeesWhy do bees make honey?
55CowsHow does grass get turned into milk?
56CrystalsWhat are crystals?
57HairWhich grows faster your hair or your nails?
58SmellyHow can I stop my feet smelling?
59Surface TensionWhy does rain fall in drops?
60VomitWhy do you vomit?
61SleepWhy do I need sleep?
62IckyWhat icky things does your body do?
63First AidWhat do you do when an accident happens?
64IceWhy does ice cream melt so fast?
65MagicIs there any magic in science?
66BrainWhat does my brain do?
67EggWhy does an egg have a shell?
68PaperWhy use toilet paper and not other kinds of paper?
69StarsWhy do stars twinkle?
70MouseWhy does a mouse like to live in a house?
71BoneHow does a bone heal?
72CaterpillarHow does a caterpillar change into a butterfly?
73PricklesWhy do some plants have prickles?
74FloatWhy do some things float and some things sink?
75SlimeWhat makes slime slimy?
76RubbishHow much rubbish does a person make in one day?
77MammalWhat makes a mammal a mammal?
78SaltwaterWhy is seawater salty?
79AirHow can air inflate a balloon?
80ShadowWhat is a shadow?
81ForensicHow can I tell who ate my lunch?
82SunsafeWhy do you need to wear sun block?
83ElectricityHow can a bird sit on a power line without getting electrocuted?
84GoldHow do you find gold?
85DamWhat does a dam do?
86TuataraHow many birthdays does a Tuatara have?
87LighthouseWhat does a lighthouse do?
88SandflyWhy does a sandfly bite?
89LakeHow did this lake get here?
90TakaheWhy do animals become extinct?
91ApplesHow do apples grow?
92HelicopterHow does a helicopter fly?
93FoodchainWhat is a food chain?
94FossilWhat is a fossil?
95SingWhy do birds sing?
96ComputersHow does a computer work?
97FruitWhat is the difference between fruit and vegetables?
98TouchHow can you feel hot and cold?
99FishHow do fish breathe underwater?
100RocketsHow do rockets work?
101InternetHow does the Internet work?
102PlasticWhat is plastic?
103Satellite OneHow does TV show us something that’s happening on the other side of the world?
104SubmarineHow do submarines work?
105BlackholeWhat is a black hole in space?
106MuscleWhat do you have muscles for?
107TVHow do televisions work?
108SweatWhy do people sweat?
109Ginger BeerHow can I make soft drinks at home?
110MicrowaveWhat is the difference between an oven and a microwave?
111TapeHow does sticky tape stick?
112HousefliesWhat job do houseflies do?
113Dinosaur OneWere there dinosaurs in New Zealand?
114DizzyWhy does spinning around make you dizzy?
115BloodWhy does your body need blood?
116VoiceHow do you speak?
117HeadliceWhat are head lice?
118InertiaWhy do you have to wear a seatbelt?
119CranesHow do cranes on building sites work?
120WheelsWhy do the wheels on my skateboard have to be round?
121PlanetWhat would it be like to live on another planet?
122GravelWhere does gravel come from?
123WindHow is wind made?
124LeverWhat is a lever?
125EarsHow do ears work?
126HeatHow do I boil an egg?
127PendulumsWhy do some clocks have pendulums on them?
128SecretsHow can I see the missing words?
129SewerageWhat happens after you flush?
130BogiesWhy do you get bogies up your nose?
131UrineWhy is wees yellow?
132VolcanoHow did this volcano get here?
133Two EyesWhy do we have two eyes?
134MobileHow does a mobile phone work?
135CavatiesWhy do we get holes in our teeth?
136SandWhy does a beach have sand?
137MoonWhy does the moon change its shape?
138TearsWhy do you cry tears?
139BuildingHow do buildings stay up?
140HeartWhy does your heart beat?
141LungsWhat do your lungs do?
142SkyWhy is the sky blue?
143DolphinIs a Dolphin a fish?
144Wash YourselfWhy do you need to wash yourself?
145DistanceWhy do things look smaller the further away they are?
146Cat CommunicationWhat is your cat trying to tell you?
147WebsWhy do spiders make webs?
148GeneticsWhy do you look like you?
149Dinosaur TwoWhy did dinosaurs become extinct?
150TailsWhy do animals have tails?
151ThunderWhere does Thunder come from?
152FridgesHow does a fridge make things cool?
153Fish SwimWhy do fish swim so fast?
154PoosWhy do your poos smell?
155WoolWhy do sheep have wool?
156High-Flying PlanesWhy do planes fly so high?
157TicklishWhy can’t you tickle yourself?
158MachinesWhat is a simple machine?
159MirrorWhat is a mirror?
160AutumnWhat happens to leaves in Autumn?
161HandednessWhy are people right and left handed?
162ThermometerHow does a Thermometer work?
163BallsWhy do some balls go further than others?
164RustWhy does metal rust?
165Belly ButtonWhy do you have a Belly Button?
166Hot Air BalloonHow does a hot air balloon work?
167WeatherHow can I tell what the weather will be like tomorrow?
168TornadoWhat is a Tornado?
169GlassWhat is glass?
170SupermarketHow does the Kiwifruit get to the supermarket?
171MixHow come some liquids don’t mix?
172TreeHow can you tell how old a tree is?
173RobotsWhat is a Robot?
174GlassesWhy do some people have to wear glasses?
175TonguesWhy are our tongues always wet?
176HiccupsWhat causes Hiccups?
177Bike GearsWhy do bikes have gears?
178DeadIs this bug dead?
179GogglesHow do goggles help us to see better underwater?
180WavesWhat causes waves?
181GermsWhy do I need to wash my hands?
182GyroscopeWhat does a gyroscope do?
183GoosepimplesWhat causes goose pimples?
184LightbulbHow does a light bulb work?
185BubbleHow do you make the biggest bubble?
186GardenWhat lives in the garden?
187Snow & IceHow do they travel over snow and ice?
188Cold TwoHow do you keep warm in Antarctica?
189Long JumpWhy does running really fast help you to jump further?
190SteelWhat is steel made from?
191TrunksWhat are elephant’s trunks for?
192WrinklesWhy do you get wrinkles?
193PhotosynthesisHow does a tree eat?
194EarthspaceWhat does the earth look like from a space rocket?
196TramHow does a tram work?
197Satellite TwoWhy don’t Satellites fall out of the sky?
198LettersWhere do letters go when you post them?
199EarthspinWhy don’t we feel the earth moving?
200School PastWhat was school like a long time ago?
201StormwaterWhere does the water go when it rains?
202CicadaWhat does a cicada look like?
203Moon IIWhere did the moon come from?
204CartoonHow do the pictures in a cartoon move?
205MonthsWhy do different months of the year have different numbers of days?
206BreadHow does bread get made at the supermarket?
207RainbowWhere do rainbows come from?
208SensorsHow do automatic doors know when to open?
209LifejacketsWhy do we need to wear lifejackets?
210MoneyWhy do we have money?
211AllergiesWhat is an allergic reaction?
212Harbour BridgeWhy did they put the Auckland Harbour Bridge there?
213GrowHow does your body know to grow?
214WartsWhat are warts?
215SeasicknessWhy do we get seasick?
216MilkWhat happens to milk after it comes out of the cow?
217FeetWhy don’t animals have feet like ours?
218ToysWhat kind of toys did my great grandparents play with?
219CompostWhat good is a rotten apple?
220CarsHow do cars work?
221PowhiriWhat happens at a Powhiri?
222Wētā - WetaHow does a wētā hear?
223NewspaperHow are newspapers made?
224Smoke AlarmsHow do smoke alarms work?
225SaltWhere does salt come from?
226BeachflagsWhy are there flags on the beach?
227RoadsHow do you build a road?
228HangiHow do you make a hangi?
229ToothpasteWhat is toothpaste?
230PenguinWhy don’t penguins fly?
231OilWhere does oil come from?
232HappyWhy don’t I feel happy all the time?
233Marlborough SoundsHow were the Marlborough Sounds made?
234Skin ColourWhy do people have different coloured skin?
235RocksWhat makes some rocks sparkle?
236Ice Cream PainHow can eating ice cream give you a pain in the head?
237GeysersHow do geysers work?
238CameraHow does a camera work?
239DyesHow do you get purple wool?
240Glow-wormsWhy do glow-worms glow?
241PimplesWhat is a pimple?
242WaterfallHow do waterfalls get made?
243ChocolateWhy can’t you just eat chocolate?
244WhalesHow do whales breathe underwater?
245TV ProgrammeHow do we make Suzy’s World?
246MoaWhat happened to the moa?
247BlushWhy do we blush?
248Writing PensWhat did people write with before they had pens?
249Kauri SnailWhat does a kauri snail eat?
250Drinking WaterWhy do I need to drink water?
251ReflexesWhat is a reflex?
252SPCAWhy do some animals go to the SPCA?
253MusselsHow do mussels grow?
254Prime MinisterWhat does the Prime Minister do?
255HelmetWhy do I have to wear a cycle helmet?
256Flies WalkingHow do flies walk on walls and ceilings?
257EruptionWhat happens when a volcano erupts?
258ParachuteHow does a parachute work?
259PoliceWhat do the police do?
260EelsHow do you catch an eel?
261Jelly BeansHow are jelly beans made?
262YachtsWhat makes a yacht go?
263Speed LimitWhy do we have a speed limit?

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