Fun Filled Science

What is Space?
Why does the ocean come in and go out?
Why is the sky blue?
What is electricity?

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1BacteriaWhat happens when you don’t brush your teeth?
2DigestionWhat happens when you eat baked beans?
3FrictionWhat would you use to make a really fast slide?
4HabitatsWhere does a worm like to live?
5CatsWhat makes a cat a cat and not another animal?
6ElephantsWhy aren’t elephants purple?
7SpaceHow big is space?
8MountainsHow are mountains made?
9DissolvingWhat’s the best way to dissolve drinking chocolate?
10PopcornWhat makes popcorn pop?
11Body NoisesWhy does my body make rude noises?
12GravityWhy do astronauts bounce on the moon?